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Judicial procedures

We usually try to collect debts using extrajudicial proceedings as the most effective and cost saving method of collecting. Due to high professional level of our Team we have success in 75-80% of cases.

But under certain circumstances we are ready upon agreement with the Client to use legal prosecution of debtor.

We offer Clients all range of legal services that includes:

At the court proceeding stage:

-          Analysis of clients documents claiming rights for the debt from legal and economical points of view including completeness and legality check;

-          Drafting of lawsuit and filing it with the court;

-          Representing Client at the courts.

 At the stage of enforcement proceedings:

→ Preparation and submission to the bodies of the State executive service application for commencement of enforcement proceedings
Representation of Clients in these as well as other bodies and organizations involved in the forced debt collect

At the debtor’s bankruptcy stage:

-          Drafting and filing application on initiating debtor’s bankruptcy with the court;

-          Representing Clients in court proceedings related to debtor’s bankruptcy till full extinguishment of debts.

In cooperation with you we will select the most suitable strategy of debt collection from each debtor.

We do not limit neither debt’s amount, nor number of debtors or their location.

We bill our Clients for our professional fees only upon successful full or partial collection of debts usually as a percentage of collected amount. “No result – no fees!” is our principle.

Please call us to find out more about our activity or send your questions in FeedBack page.