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Recovery of debts from individuals

It does not matter for us whether collect debts from banks, insurance company, multimillion turnover company or from your business partners – only collection methods makes difference for us.

We use effective innovative methods of debts collection which are absolutely legal.

 We deal with overdue commercial and bank loans, non-payment for telecommunication services, home maintenance etc.

 Our services include:

-          Free forecast of collectability of debts;

-          All range of extrajudicial procedures including but not limited to: phone negotiations, notices over post and e-mail, personal meetings with debtors etc.

-          Preparation and filing of lawsuits, representation of Clients in судах первой, апелляционной и кассационной инстанции, а также в исполнительном производстве and in debtor’s bankruptcy procedure.

 In cooperation with Clients we choose the most suitable strategy of debt collection.

 We do not limit neither debt’s amount, nor number of debtors or their location.

 We bill our Clients for our professional fees only upon successful full or partial collection of debts. “No result – no fees!” is our principle.

 If you have decided to use our services in debts collection please call us or send email to info@1debtcompany.com

 Our Team members will contact you the shortest to discuss all necessary details of debts collection.

 Please call us to find out more about our activity or send your questions in FeedBack page.