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Our advantages are obvious. Creditors collect debts using their in-house lawyers and these lawyers usually deal with many other tasks. In other case creditors hire law firms who do not specialize in debts collection.

First, debts collecting is major task for Debts Collecting Agency “First Ukrainian Debt Company”. We focus only on this activity and on nothing else.

Second, our Team members specialize on debts collections. They are professionals and among them are psychologists, lawyers, financists, former employees of courts and law enforcements bodies.

Third, our company can legally obtain all information on debtors activity that is necessary for debts collection.

Fourth, our company has modern IT technology and equipment that upgrade our debts collecting techniques to the top level.

Debts Collecting Agency “First Ukrainian Debt Company” overcome debts volume, debtors location overdue period and other limitations. We would like to stress out that the earlier you apply for our service the more effective results you will have. It does not matter for us whether debtor is located in Ukraine or abroad. We have ways to collect debts wherever debtor is located.

Clients can apply anytime. We can start collecting on extrajudicial stage, file necessary papers in courts or in bankruptcy stage of debtor. It better to start using our collecting services as soon as you see difficulties with debtors. It will help you to avoid losses on debts and minimize costs of collection.

As our Client you will not be involved in such a sensitive matter as debt collection. So your business relationships will not suffer. Our Clients do not put at risk their business reputation as we operate strictly under Ukrainian and international law during collecting of debts. We value our reputation and reputation of our Clients.

Our Clients usually do not prepay our fees. Our fees depend on debt amount, complicacy of case and overdue period of debt and are usually calculated as a percentage of recovered amounts. We bill our Clients after they receive collected money on their bank accounts. “No result – no fees” is our principle.

The majority of debts are successfully settled on preliminary extrajudicial stage. Debtors understand what kind of problems they face waving payments to our Clients as soon as they see our company as a collector. Some cases are complicated by the readiness of debtor to go to the court or by the debtor’s insolvency. Taking these problems into account we advise our Clients to initiate debts collecting as soon as possible. For example if the debtor owes $50k to our Client and debtor’s total liabilities are $550k the sooner we start collections the better.

The number of documents depends on the Client’s type of commercial activity. Usually we are working with such debt’s underlying documents as contracts, debt notes, goods receipt/shipment notes, copies of the wire transfers, reconciliations, service delivery notes etc. All correspondence with the debtor is also very important.

Please call us at +38 (056) 370-28-54, +38 (050) 487-97-73 or send us a fax at +38 (0562) 47-44-02 or email us at info@debtcompany.com. Our Team members will contact you the soonest to give an advice and to discuss terms of cooperation.

If you have other questions please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer.

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