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Our advices to debtors

Even though our activity is to collect debts, we and our Clients are interested in mature business relationships between Debtor and Creditor. “PACTA SUNT SERVANDA” -  “Agreements should be fulfilled” – said ancient Romans.

So, if you have received our notice about debt repayment or our Team members have contacted you please keep in mind our recommendations. This will help you smooth your problems and decrease your costs.

We also recommend you to read carefully any contract and even better to let your lawyer review it. Please remember that all contracts are drafted for the benefit of your counterparty.

It is also worth to remember that making settlements with your business partners on time improves your credit history and mutual trust.

Call us +38(050) 487-97-73; +38(067) 763-69-40; or send e-mail to info@1debtcompany.com. to find more on debts extinguishment.

Please send copies of your wire transfers to your creditors as a result of our actions to Viber +38(050) 487-97-73, or E-mail.